About me

I’d like to warmly welcome you to my personal website where you can get detailed information about the dedicated services that I provide, how I passionately work, read up on my articles, ask questions that you may have, and also sign up for a consultation.

Sometimes a person’s need for a psychologist may cause disapproval or condemnation from others because there is a social stigma to it and the perception that people with a healthy psyche should solve their problems on their own. I would like to totally debunk this myth. First of all, psychotherapy is focused on those who feel dissatisfaction with their lives or its individual spheres (e.g. family, work, feelings etc.) and want to reach more fulfilling, happy, richer lives. Also psychotherapy has been shown to unleash people’s potential and abilities who are creative about their lives and desires — this is why I’m a strong proponent in making people’s lives better, why I’d like to be your champion, and why I’m here for you.

This website was created to help people who are in search of a psychologist, orient into what psychotherapy is, on what principles it is based on, and also it is to better understand how exactly the Gestalt approach works. I will be grateful with open arms if take the first step and want to share with me your life; ups and downs, struggles and challenges, fears and doubts, your pain and joy. I will only provide you with nothing but my full support, non-judgement, a sense of security, and a tailored professional approach to work with you in complete confidentiality.

Don’t know what something means or you’re afraid to ask? No worries! Besides getting direct help, this site may also be of interest to those who would only like to receive general information, recommendations, and input; in this case, I’m available to their services where I do a range of Q&A, explanations, or show what steps could be taken in order to help you (or a friend/family member). On top of that, on the site you can get familiar with my articles on relationships, parenting, various emotional states, and even have a look into a few tests in order to understand yourself better.

While I work mainly with adults, I also have experience working with children and teenagers. I am often approached by parents facing difficulties in raising children who also request things such as remedial programs on psychological readiness for school, programs to eliminate aggressiveness, anxiety, child neglect etc. Also I work as a group psychotherapist and provide group psychotherapy service. In this format, I work in co-therapy (with a colleague). I myself have gone through psychotherapy in a group and I can assure you that nothing compares and comes close with the dedicated support provided by group members for each other — it is also necessary to note that it is always easier to live your personal changes in interaction with other people.

If you’d like to go to a psychotherapist, but don’t have the opportunity to go to the office, live in another city, cannot leave a small child, or you’re not sure where to begin—please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Here for you,